Blanket Chronicles

The 2,000th Blanket Made

During our January meeting at Buttons in Eureka, the 2,000th blanket came in!  You can see a picture of it below.  Our Project Linus Humboldt Chapter will turn 5 years old this May. We are a small, but mighty group of Blanketeers.  We have about 15 people who regularly make and donate blankets to us each month.  We also have about 8 people who donate blankets on various schedules.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the blankets we make and donate to agencies in our community working with children from birth to age 18.

Robin Ibarra holding the 2,000th blanket she quilted for our chapter.

We continue to receive thank you notes from parents of our blanket recipients, along with notes from agency staff, acknowledging our beautiful blankets and what they mean to these families. In 2022, we delivered 436 blankets.  These blankets went to children who were experiencing illnesses, children who had lost parents(s) due to drug overdoses, children living in local family shelters hoping for permanent housing, children removed from parental custody due to abuse, and children in families struggling with a variety of challenges.

We have been able to maintain a blanket inventory which means that we can always meet the need of what an agency requests. Since January 1, 2023,  we have delivered  64  blankets.

We are getting close to delivering the 2,000th blanket!  Knowing that there is a need for our blankets as agencies continue to request blankets from our chapter provides us with a special incentive to keep our sewing machines sewing, our crochet hooks crocheting and our knitting needles knitting!