Blanket Chronicles

Coast Central Credit Union Continues Their Support

Coast Central Credit Union (CCCU) has been by our side since our chapter began in 2018.  They have funded each CCCU Sponsorship application that I have written. Once again, I wrote an application requesting $500.00 for 2023.  Good thing I was sitting down when their staff e-mailed me asking if our Project Linus Humboldt Chapter could use $1,000.00!  They continue to be impressed with the blankets we donate to children being served by local agencies in our community and their offer certainly reflects that. You can see me receiving the $1,000. check from CCCU Marketing staff recently.  The blanket shown was made by one of our Blanketeers, Deborah Watson.


CCCU provides community support to other projects and I am always sensitive about asking for “too much”.  Our fund balance was less than $300.00 so this generous Sponsorship will provide the funds for more batting, fabric, and chapter expenses for 2023.

Their genuine support and appreciation for our mission continues to inspire our Blanketeers. We talk about how Project Linus provides a blanket hug to children who need one.  Well, CCCU provides us with a blanket hug in the form of their continuing Sponsorships.  Thank you CCCU!