Blanket Chronicles

The 2,000th Blanket Delivered

We did it!  The 2,000th blanket was delivered recently to one of Betty Chinn’s Family Shelters in Eureka. This blanket was part of a delivery of 23 blankets, 19 of which were for boys ages 3-15 years.  Betty gives a blanket to each child when they leave her shelter and move to permanent housing.

You can see the blanket below along with Betty and myself.

Our Project Linus Humboldt Chapter will be five years old next month.  2,000 blankets delivered in five years to children living in our community is not bad when you consider a few of those years were during a pandemic and the last year has been a steady stream of atmospheric rivers!  Those challenges did not slow down the blanket work of our small, but mighty chapter.

Additionally,  we could not have done this without the ongoing support of our community donors.  You can see who they are on this website under Blanket Thanks.