Blanket Guidelines

Our “blanketeers” provide, new, handmade, washable blankets to be given as gifts to ill and traumatized children, ages birth-18.  Project Linus will accept blankets in the sizes listed below and depending on local chapter needs.

A variety of styles are welcome: fabric quilts, tied comforters, crocheted or knitted blankets and receiving blankets in child-friendly colors.  Wool and denim or other rough, non-washable fabrics are not appropriate material for PL blankets.

Fleece is a popular blanket material. Our chapter requests that any fleece blankets have edgings that are not cut fringe and/or knotted. Other chapters have had problems with this type of blanket as the knots distort the lay of the blanket and the blankets need to be re-worked.

Additionally, our chapter believes that each PL blanket should reflect the “homemade” component of a PL blanket.  Edgings of crochet, bias tape, rick rack, ribbon or other decorative stitching create a more finished and homemade look to fleece blankets.  The  It’s Always Autumn website has a tutorial called: How to Make Gorgeous DIY Fleece Blankets-It’s So Easy which shows some attractive examples of fleece blankets with trimmed edges.

The local PL Chapter Coordinator is responsible for making sure that all PL blankets meet the established guidelines in quality, materials and safety.  When completed, blankets need to be free of any pins or needles that could harm the child receiving it. Blankets need to be clean, free of any odors including cigarette smoke or pet odors. Please make sure that any blanket you give to our chapter meets these guidelines.

Please do not use any fabric that may say Mommy or Daddy or Grandparents. For foster children, this may create sad feelings related to being separated from their families.  Additionally, do not use religious themed or holiday fabric for blankets.

Note:  We cannot re-create Linus in any of our blanket designs or in our printed materials.  The PL National Headquarters sends us logos which we can use on our website or printed materials.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the Humboldt County PL Chapter Coordinator.

Each PL blanket will have a PL blanket label sewn onto one corner.  When making your blanket, think about the kind of blanket you would want your child or grandchild to receive: one made with tender, loving care.

You can make affordable blankets by taking advantage of local yarn and fabric sales and by using coupons offered at Joann’s and Michael’s. The Humboldt County Chapter Coordinator has made fabric, knit and crocheted blankets for between $10. and $40.

Depending on the availability of fabric donations, our chapter is able to offer free blanket making materials to local blanketeers.  If you personally receive donations of fabric, feel free to use them in blanket making as long as they are clean and odor free.  Since all blankets need to be washable, you can wash a blanket before giving it to the local chapter if you have any concerns as to its cleanliness.