Blanket Chronicles

Thankful for Our Blanketeers

I am not quite sure where the summer went as we are now well into fall.  Summer is our 3rd reporting quarter for Project Linus Headquarters.  In that quarter our Blanketeers made 110 blankets and we delivered 114 blankets to local agencies working with young children.

25 blankets went to children under the age of 8 years living in Betty Chinn’s Family Shelters.  25 blankets went to very young children, some with special needs, who were adjusting to Pre-Kindergarten.  Their teachers realized that 4 year olds need to nap and they were helped to do so with a comforting blanket.  Blankets also went to teens living in the Youth Service Bureau’s Teen Shelter in Eureka.  There a teen selects which Project Linus blanket “speaks” to them for use on their bed. According to the Program Director, they also take walks with their blanket wrapped around them!

Blanket deliveries were also made to Women, Infants and Children, the DHHS Nurse Family Partnership, Jefferson Community Center, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF Programs) in Eureka, Hoopa and Crescent City, and the Healthy Moms Program.

We have about 16 very active Blanketeers who show up to our monthly meetings at Buttons in Old Town. A highlight of those meetings is blanket sharing with sizes ranging from newborn to large teen size and all sizes in between. We did a few blanket projects lead by our two Project Blanketeers over the summer creating multiple Fish Bowl Block blankets and Grandmother’s Garden block blankets.  You can see photos of them below.

In the photo below, you can see another example of one of our Blanketeer’s dedication to our chapter.

This Blanketeer attended a local quilting workshop.  She offered a trade to those attending.  That trade was if you donate a quilt top, which she will quilt for our Project Linus chapter, she will offer you the raffle opportunity to get your quilt finished on her long arm machine done with her exquisite stitching.  She had over 22 quilt tops donated!

November is a time when we think about all those things that we are thankful for.  I continue to be thankful for our Humboldt Project Linus Blanketeers who make what we do for children in our community possible. Their generous spirits and creative energy never wanes and their blanket creations are a testimony to that.