Blanket Testimonials

Please Note: Due to confidentiality we do not include names of blanket recipients.  These testimonials are taken from written comments from agency staff and their clients.

*“No one has given anything that beautiful for my child.”  From a Public Health RN after giving a blanket to a mother.

*“Thank you for the lovely quilt.  It will be so nice to keep my babies warm.”

*“Thank you for the blanket.  My clients are young parents and into learning about taking care of their baby.”  From a Public Health Nurse

*“Thank you for the lovely blanket.  My baby and I have been living in our car and it was nice to get something clean, warm, and pretty.  Thank you for caring.”

*“Thank you for the teen size blankets.  Grieving teens often feel very alone and I am sure these blankets bring great comfort to many in hard moments.”  Staff at Hospice providing Teen Grief Support Groups

*“Youth Service Bureau’s Launch Pad Program would like to recognize Nancy Corral and Project Linus Humboldt. Many of our young clients have received blankets through this chapter.  We continue to be stunned by the work of this chapter.  Youth hand pick a blanket that catches their eye and keep it while living here and as they transition from our program.  We look forward to this continued partnership and the happiness that the blankets bring to those that stay with us.”  Kate Ogle 2/2019

*“We thank you for your generous gift of 12 blankets that supports our mission and vision toward providing direct services for programs at Humboldt Domestic Violence Services.”

*“I gave one of your blankets to a very shy child in preparation for Kindergarten. The blanket had faces of all kinds of people and we used it as a therapeutic tool to talk about the new people he would meet.  I, as an infant-family and early childhood mental health specialist was thankful that I had the blanket to offer as a strategy.  I thought the blanket makers would like to know that their work is supporting the mental well-being of children all over the county. Thanks for all that you have done to keep connected and a special thanks to you and all of the Humboldt Linus Project folks for their gifts of coziness to the little ones in our community!”  Meg Walkley Humboldt Co. Office of Education

“Thank you so much for this valuable service.”  Social Worker at Hoopa TANF Program

“Thank you so much for the amazing blankets.” Natalie at the Youth Service Bureau