Blanket Chronicles

2022= 436 Blankets for Children

Our small, but mighty Project Linus Humboldt Chapter had another spectacular blanket year.   436  blankets have been donated to agencies working with children and their families in 2022.  Our Chapter met monthly at Buttons in Old Town where we shared fabrics, sewing tips and created many  blankets that ended up wrapped around a child in need of one.  You can see us selecting fabric from a donation in the photo below.

We think about the importance of giving to others especially at this time year.  Each year I realize that our Blanketeers give generously of their time and blanket talents all through the year….not just in December. Here are a few examples of that blanket making talent.

We are looking forward to another year of blanket making and blanket deliveries.  The agencies we work with are appreciative of our blanket donations and praise the quality and quantity of our donations.  We have always been able to supply what each agency needs from infant size to teen size.

Project Linus Humboldt will turn 5 years old next spring. We are approaching our 2,000 blanket delivered and we will share that milestone with all of you. So Happy Holidays to our Blanketeers, our supporters and the agencies that connect the blankets we make to the children who need them.