Blanket Chronicles

One Year Anniversary

Humboldt County Project Linus celebrated our one year anniversary in May.  When I started this chapter, I was hopeful that I’d find both blanketeers and local agencies serving young children who needed blankets.  My hopes have become a reality and I am happy to report that in one year, our chapter made 406 new blankets and 367 of those blankets have been delivered locally to 15 agencies working with children up to age 18.

I have seen the Project Linus mission in action: getting feedback from staff regarding the ways in which our blankets have helped  children and their families along with hearing just how much making the blankets has meant to our blanketeers.  It is definitely a win-win situation!

Our chapter has been touched  by the community support we have received in terms of fabric donations, funding, meeting space and appreciation for our blanket efforts. My sincere thanks to our blanketeers and to our community for a very successful blanket year.  I am looking forward to many more!