Blanket Chronicles

Blankets In: 471 Blankets Out: 434

Remember the childhood classic: The Little Engine That Could?  Recently, one of our blanketeers  likened our chapter to that little engine.  We are a small chapter of 10 active blanketeers who meet monthly.  We also have had some blanket donations from others who support our mission, but do not regularly attend our meetings.

Let’s see…471 blankets divided by the number of months our chapter has been active (15 months) equals: 31 blankets made each month or about one blanket made each day. Not only does our chapter  make a remarkable number of blankets given our size, but these blankets are also remarkable for their colors, designs, and construction.  I know because I sew a Project Linus label onto many of them and see these qualities up close. You can check out our blankets in our photo gallery.

Our chapter has donated blankets to 17 local agencies working with children, many of these agencies are receiving monthly donations.  We have received heart warming feedback in terms of how our blankets touched the life of a child.  Knowing that our blankets warm up and comfort a child is what keeps us “stitching”.

Like that little engine, we do not think we can, we know we can!