Blanket Chronicles

It Takes a Village…of Blanketeers!

I have lost count of how many times I have said to my dedicated group of Blanketeers:  “I could not do any of this without you all!” Sometimes when I say it, I find myself getting a little weepy because I continue to be touched by their remarkable blanket “spirit” and their generous blanket contributions.

In the last month, 41 blankets were made and donated to our chapter. In that same month, I delivered 43 blankets to local agencies. I made 5 of those blankets.  Without the other 36, those blanket deliveries would not have been possible. I am the Chapter Coordinator for Humboldt Project Linus but without these committed Blanketeers there would be no chapter.

Now that we are able to meet again, though masked up, the Blanketeers bring their blankets to our monthly meetings.  When it is blanket sharing time, I continue to be stunned with the quality, colors, unique designs and kid friendly sewing/stitching in each and every blanket donation.

As I loaded up my car recently with this months blanket donations, see them below,  the same mantra came to mind and that is:  “I cannot do this without you all!”

I am not the only person who feels that way.  Local agency personnel comment with each delivery that our blankets are remarkable.  We have also received kind thank yous from agency staff and from parents who have children who received a blanket noting the same.

Since we have been living in the time of a pandemic, the fact that Blanketeers from Humboldt Project Linus continue to create and sew blanket gems has me saying without hesitation:  “I could not do this without all of you.  And for that I am most grateful.”