Blanket Chronicles

Gnomes and Sushi, Who Knew?

Our chapter is fortunate to get periodic donations of batting, fabric and yarn. A recent donation yielded many, pre-cut 5 inch squares including one with little gnomes and one with sushi graphics.   I made a blanket with a few of the gnome squares and then I brought the rest of them along with the sushi squares to a recent meeting of our Humboldt Chapter.

We have been offering up fabric to one another at our meetings and it has been fun to see what others can do with fabric remnants.  At the end of this particular meeting, I noticed that all the gnome and sushi squares were gone.  I did not know who bundled them up and wondered what might come of them.  Well, at the following meeting I found out.

One of our talented Blanketeers had taken the gnomes and the sushi squares and created a whimsical blanket.  She had some gnome border fabric that framed the quilting top perfectly. I would never have thought of putting gnomes and sushi side by side. She did and the blanket just puts a smile on your face! You can see it below. Click on the 1st photo for a larger images.

Smiling? I am.  I continue to be impressed with the level of creative artistry of our chapter’s Blanketeers.  Colorful fabrics, eye catching designs and quality construction are evident in all of our blankets. I know our blankets are also are making an impact on the children Project Linus was created for.  A social worker recently told me that she often hears a kid say when she gives them a blanket: “Is this for me, can I keep it?”

We delivered 55 blankets this month to local chidren from age 4 months to 17 years. I am quite sure that they are smiling too when they pull their blanket up and feel the warmth of a blanket hug.