Blanket Chronicles

Gratitude for Humboldt Sponsors

On March 22nd I received a letter from Humboldt Sponsors informing me that Project Linus Humboldt had been awarded the grant that we had applied for this year.  Our chapter will be celebrating its fourth year serving Humboldt County’s children in need of a blanket hug. Humboldt Sponsors has funded our requests for three of those four years. They have approved our request each time we made one!

Here is a photo of me, holding the Humboldt sponsors check and the special cat blanket made by one of our dedicated Blanketeers.

Humboldt Sponsors mission is “To make good things happen for local kids!”  Our volunteer blanket makers, called Blanketeers, certainly would agree that Humboldt Sponsors does just that. Their funding has helped us deliver 1,477  blankets to local children in need of a blanket hug.  Our blankets are delivered to children from birth to age 18 who live in Hoopa, Blue Lake, Arcata, Fieldbrook, Eureka, Fortuna, and Bridgeville. Humboldt Sponsors is stitched into many of those blankets as we use their funding to purchase fabric, thread, quilt batting and yarn.

We are grateful for this ongoing support.  The global pandemic did not deter the support we have received from Humboldt Sponsors and it did not derail us from making and continuing to deliver blankets to children who are ill or in some kind of traumatic situation including a girl with leukemia, a boy with Cystic Fibrosis, a newborn with serious health issues, children living in Betty Chinn’s Family Shelters, and teens attending Hospice grief support groups.  We deliver blankets to over 24 agencies serving Humboldt Co. children and their families.

Humboldt Sponsors does make good things happen for local kids.   They help us supply “blanket hugs” for local children in need of one and for that we are most grateful.