Blanket Chronicles

February Blankets and Smiling Faces

It felt wonderful to see the smiling faces of our chapter’s Blanketeers at our last meeting.  We were able to meet maskless given the mask mandate changes and the downward spiral of the virus.  It is important to see facial expressions, to not worry about being in the world without  getting sick and to be able to be physically closer to one another.  It all feels wonderful……something we could not do during the many months of the global pandemic.

The pandemic changed our chapter’s operations, but it did not daunt the commitment our Blanketeers have to providing beautiful, kid friendly blankets to children in our community.

43 blankets came in at our February meeting.  Each Blanketeer shares what she has made during the month and the blankets reflect the talent and commitment their makers have to the mission of Project Linus. From infant sized blankets to teen sized blankets, we marvel at each and every blanket.

You cannot see them individually in this photo, but here is the cargo area of my car filled with the February meeting blankets. The blankets do not stay very long in my blanket storage area.  Since that meeting, I have delivered 46 blankets and as I write this, the month is not over.

In two months, our chapter will be four years old.  As of this blog post, we have delivered 1,509 blankets to local agencies.  That is 1,509  blanket hugs to kids in need of one.  Besides warming up kids, the Blanketeers warm up each other with their wit, humor and the love of making something for others.  Four years ago, I knew that Humboldt County had talented, generous blanket makers and I knew that there were kids who needed a blanket hug.  In anticipation of our 4th birthday and in spite of a global pandemic, we continue to be a “small, but mighty Project Linus chapter.”

My thanks to all of our Blanketeers, our supporters and the agencies we work with locally.  Working together has made it possible to celebrate our 4th year as Humboldt Project Linus.  I appreciate all of your contributions!