Blanket Chronicles

The 1,000th Blanket

We did it!  The pandemic may have slowed us down a bit, but not by too much. Our chapter’s first meeting was in May of 2018.  In mid-2019, we wondered how long it would take us to get to the 1,000th blanket made. It was always a goal: the 1,000th blanket!

Our chapter stopped meeting in March 2020, but blanket making continued.  The blanket drop off location became my home and we learned how to do deliveries safely with masks, outside, and watching the distance between us.  I quickly learned that blanket deliveries in the rain are not much fun so I only accept blankets when rain is not in the forecast!

As the Chapter Coordinator, there are many things that I do for our chapter.  I connect with agencies who need blankets for their kid clients. I sew labels into some blankets and bag them up by size to keep blankets clean for deliveries. I track all blankets coming in and going out. I write a monthly meeting agenda so our Blanketeers will know what has happened during the month.  I can fundraise to help our chapter buy blanket making materials. There is one thing that I could not do and that is to make 1,000 blankets all by myself.  1,000 blankets have been made by talented and generous Blanketeers who were not deterred by a world wide pandemic. It isn’t only 1,000 made, think about how many children in Humboldt County have one of our blankets wrapped around them.

You can see the 1,000th blanket being delivered to Annie Dunn, Program Manager for Women, Infants and Children in the photo below.  The blanket was made from a few star blocks and sewn up with a combination of donated and purchased fabric.

Getting to 1,000 blankets did not stop this “small, but mighty chapter.” Since this blanket’s delivery, our chapter has made 31 more blankets making that number now 1,031 blankets made! My sincere thanks to all who have made this chapter’s blanket work possible. I am continually touched by the kind, creative energy that exists in our Humboldt Project Linus Chapter.