Blanket Chronicles

Spring Brings Funding

Humboldt Project Linus has received funding from two local organizations this spring:  Coast Central Credit Union (CCCU) and Humboldt Sponsors.  In both cases, we received what we had requested: $500.  CCCU has sponsored us for the past three years and Humboldt Sponsors has provided funding for the past two years.  These funds have been a tremendous help to our mission which is to make and deliver new, homemade blankets to children in our community who need a blanket hug.

The pandemic has posed challenges to our chapter.  We have been unable to meet for over one year.  Many of the agencies we work with were unable to have direct, personal contact with children and families due to Covid restrictions.  In spite of these challenges, Humboldt Project Linus continues to make and deliver blankets.  Since January 1st, 2021 we have delivered 104 blankets to agencies who are able to get blankets to children who need one.  These agencies include: the Jefferson Community Center and five other Family Resource Centers in our community, Betty Chinn’s Family Shelter(s), Youth Service Bureau Teen Shelter, the Teen Grief Support Group at Hospice, Hoopa Valley Tribal TANF Program, Women, Infants and Children, and the Family Nurse Partnership .  The last two programs are administered by Humboldt Co. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

The funds we receive assist us in our work by allowing us to purchase yarn, fabric, batting and thread.  There are over 300 Project Linus chapters in the US.  Project Linus National Headquarters requires each chapter to raise a minimum of $500. annually. They take a small portion of these funds to help them with expenses to oversee chapters and be in compliance with non-profit regulations.  All Project Linus chapters are run by volunteers.

Blanketeers in Humboldt Project Linus are a talented group of women who make amazing blankets.  They are generous with their time and blanket contributions to our chapter.  On behalf of them, I want to say thank you to CCCU and Humboldt Sponsors.  Your funding sends a message that you believe in and support our mission.  This funding is helpful to us and it acknowledges the positive difference we are making for children in our community.  For that we are deeply grateful.