Blanket Chronicles

Quilts Were Gifts

I was invited to speak at the Redwood Empire Quilters Guild(REQG) by Judy De Graff, current President.  I had spoken with Judy earlier in the week and she was quite helpful.

REQG members share their special talents by making community quilts.  She started off the meeting by reading thank yous from people who were recipients of their quilts. I wanted REQG to know about the new Project Linus Chapter and thought there may be a person or two who’d be interested in making a few blankets. PL blankets are not works of art like the quilts that REQG members make, though I have seen some simple, yet beautifully quilted PL blankets.

I appreciated this opportunity to share a bit about PL with REQG and I did enjoy their special quest speaker, Diane Steele, who showed some amazing quilts made between the 1800’s and early 1900’s. One thing these early quilts had in common with PL-they were usually gifts made for others.