Blanket Chronicles

Across the Town

It’s rippling!  I delivered my community letter to Rima Greer of Eureka Fabrics.  She knew about Project Linus and its important work.  Without hesitating, she made space on her lovely fabric store’s community bulletin board for Project Linus information. Thank you Rima.

On to Ocean Wave Quilts.  I met Sarah, co-owner of the store- and she kept the stone rippling.  Sarah was happy to post the Project Linus information. She also offered her business as another blanket drop off location.  I am hoping to have locations for blanket drop offs make it easy for people to get them to Project Linus if they are unable to attend our monthly meetings. Thank you Sarah.

Still rippling at Yarn in Henderson Center.  Owner, Sunni Scriver, had not heard of Project Linus, but was happy to post our information.  She said she’d also share this with those attending her knitting groups.  Thank you Sunni.