Blanket Chronicles

Labeling Project Linus Blankets

As the Humboldt County Chapter Coordinator for Project Linus, I have the privilege of labeling all of our blankets with the Project Linus logo. Sewing a label on gives me the opportunity to check over each blanket to make sure that all seams are stitched well, all yarn ends are tucked in and that all pins are removed so that I know it is safe and ready for delivery to one of our youth service providers.

I know each blanketeer so it also gives me an opportunity to think about that person and reflect on how fortunate I have been to meet such talented and generous blanket makers.  I am continually impressed with the quality of our chapter’s blankets and the variety of color, size and style.  From the delicately soft crocheted baby blanket to the bold strip quilt teen blanket and everything in between, I am so grateful for the blanket makers because I know these blankets comfort children living in our community.

I have sewn in 145 labels since our chapter began in May 2018 which is very impressive for a new and small Project Linus Chapter. I look forward to sewing in more labels as our chapter continues on its mission to provide new, homemade blankets to children in need of that Project Linus blanket hug!