Blanket Chronicles

Big Quilts, Little Quilts

Most of the blankets made for our Project Linus Chapter are quilts: two or more layers of fabric either machine stitched or hand tied together and usually bound with a complimentary fabric binding. We have some larger quilts that go to the teen population and smaller ones that go to agencies serving young children. Whatever the size, I find myself sighing over the unique style of each quilt made for our chapter.

I am new to this art form, so my quilts tend to be done with simple blocks or sewn with strips of fabric. Our more experienced quilters, create blankets with intricate fabric patterns and use precise quilting techniques. Here are a few photos of quilts that vary in size and in construction.

Whether they are big or little, simple or complex, they all serve the same purpose for Project Linus….comforting a child or teen.