Blanket Chronicles

Labeling Blankets

All Project Linus blankets that pass the quality “test”: well made, washable and appropriate for kids get a Project Linus label sewn onto it.  I have the honor of doing this and it gives me a chance to think about the blanket maker, their blanket style and their interest  in our mission: bringing comfort to children through new, homemade blankets.

This beautiful stack of blankets came from our last Project Linus meeting.  One was crocheted, a few were hand quilted and the others machine stitched.  This group of blankets are sized for toddlers and younger children. Each blanket has a unique personality and as I stitch on the label I know that it will bring comfort to a child.

I recently delivered 10 teen size quilts/blankets to a local youth shelter. Two weeks later, I received a lovely, hand made thank you card signed by the kids and staff at the shelter.  I shared it with our blanketeers and they were delighted to see that their blanket making efforts do bring comfort to children.

Blankets made, labels sewn in, blankets delivered, and a child receives some comfort!  Mission accomplished.