Blanket Chronicles

Quarterly Reporting

Project Linus requires that all chapters report quarterly on how many blankets have been collected and how many blankets have been distributed to organizations serving children between birth and age 18.  We started our 1st quarter in April and ended it in June. We started with a 0 balance of blankets.

In our 1st quarter we collected 49 blankets and distributed 31 of those to the agencies on our blanket distribution list.  All of the agencies who receive blankets are very appreciative of these blanket donations.

Today I made a donation of 10 blankets to a program of the Redwood Community Action Agency. They operate a temporary housing shelter for youth at risk.  Staff were pleased to receive teen sized blankets.  Some were knit, some were quilts and some were made of fleece.  All of them were colorful and had the Project Linus label sewn onto the corner of the blanket. I feel quite sure that each of these blankets will provide that blanket hug that Project Linus sends to kids experiencing some type of life challenge or trauma.

Our blanketeers have made beautiful blankets and I am honored to be able to deliver them to the people working to help support kids in our local community. I am looking forward to our next quarter and more blanket connections!