Blanket Chronicles

Happy Blankets To Us!

This month of May marks our 3rd birthday for Humboldt Project Linus.  Who knew that the small, but mighty group of Blanketeers who attended our 1st meeting would make 1,100 blankets in three years and deliver 1,072 of them? Let’s not forget that during that time we experienced a global pandemic which greatly affected how blanket deliveries are made.

Fortunately, our Humboldt PL Chapter will resume meeting on our birthday month.  We are looking forward to our monthly meetings, sharing blanket projects and providing blankets to children in our community who need a blanket hug.

I want to thank our Blanketeers, who barely missed a blanket step during these past pandemic months, as they continued to create kid friendly blankets in their home sewing spaces and made safe blanket  deliveries to me wearing masks and social distancing. Without their blanket energy, our chapter would not have been able to make monthly blanket deliveries to local agencies working with young children.

I also want to thank our community supporters: Coast Central Credit Union, Humboldt Sponsors and the Soroptimists of Humboldt Bay for their generous support to our chapter.  Additionally, I want to thank two elementary school students, Cooper and Mikey, for fundraising for our chapter. I am particularly touched that these kids want to help other kids who are facing challenging times due to illness or difficult family situations.

When I began this chapter three years ago, I did not know what we might be able to do. Now I know.  Our Blanketeers and community support has been overwhelming and I am so grateful for all of the blanket love.