Blanket Chronicles

Fall Harvest Blankets

We have our Covid blanket delivery protocol in place and it works each month!  A Blanketeer contacts me with blanket making information.  We arrange for a delivery date/time at my home.  Once arranged, the Blanketeer drives up, I go out masked up and transfer beautiful blankets into my home.  This is not nearly as much fun as we had when we met on monthly Blanket Saturdays.

Pre-Covid, we could get together, share blankets, chat, laugh, eat and then have a sew day and create more blankets. I know we all miss that. I think about what one Blanketeer said about our Humboldt Chapter a while back:  “We are small, but mighty.”  That is still true. In spite of this pandemic, Chapter Blanketeers are still coming through with homemade blankets.  I am able to continue blanket deliveries because when the going gets tough, Blanketeers hang in there!  In fact, some blankets delivered this month only stayed in my home for a few days before they went out to our local delivery agencies who work with children.

Here are a few of the Fall Harvest Blankets that came in October.

For me, this is better than a Pumpkin Patch visit.  A pumpkin will eventual get soggy and decompose, but not these blankets!  They will have a long life wrapped around a kid in our community who may be ill or feeling alone due to challenging circumstances.

But like carved pumpkins, they each have a blanket personality. Words to describe them for me; stunning, whimsical, unique, colorful, and comforting!

This is the time of year we think about what we are grateful for and my Humboldt County Blanketeers come to mind.  Throw a pandemic at them and they are still making blankets.  Without them, I would not be delivering blankets to children who need them.  And for that I am very grateful.