Blanket Chronicles

Another Scrappy Quilt

Project Linus has been fortunate to receive fabric donations from local community quilters.  Sometimes a health issue forces a quilter to stop making quilts or a quilter decides to downsize their fabric cupboard and may donate to us.  Sometimes, we get fabric scraps leftover from a quilt project.  Many of our Project Linus blankets have been made from fabric scraps.

I think the word “scrap” has a negative connotation as it conjures up landfills or things people may not want.  But for quilters, fabric scraps are like pots of gold: treasure!

I recently received a donation of some fabric in bright, happy colors.  Some of the fabric was in larger sized pieces, but some of it was just different sized scraps along with some quilt blocks that had already been made. This donation included pieces  cut into strips that I used to make the quilt binding. The blanket literally fell together.  You can see the quilt that I made here from the cut scraps and triangle blocks.

The back is a soft flannel.  I machine quilted it and hand tied the center part.  When I was putting it together, I thought about all the people, generally women, who have made beautiful blankets from fabric scraps: old men’s shirts or suit jackets/trousers or old flour sacks.  In times past, and now, people would not think about throwing fabric scraps away.  They can be sewn into something a child will treasure: a warm blanket!

Our Humboldt Project Linus Chapter is thankful for fabric donations.  Today I delivered 8 blankets to a local agency and you can be sure that fabric scraps were stitched into many of these beautiful blankets.