Blanket Chronicles

Blankets in July

I delivered 36 blankets to local agencies in July and dispersed our inventory of youth and teen sizes.  This is a good thing as it means that a blanket is out there wrapped around a kid, not stored in a plastic bag in my sewing room!  When I let our Humboldt Chapter know that I was out of these blanket sizes, they came to my blanket rescue!  Within a few weeks, I had multiple deliveries of youth and teen sizes and all deliveries were made safely with masks and social distancing!

For a small chapter, our group is exceptional in both productivity and in the quality of construction of each blanket. The materials, colors, and designs are remarkable.  Here are a few photos of the July blankets I received.

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They are even better in person.  Our chapter cannot meet yet and a timeline to do so is still unknown.  Our health and safety are a top priority, but we sure do miss our blanket connections.  In spite of the pandemic, our group continues to demonstrate unwavering commitment to the mission of Project Linus.  For that, I am deeply grateful!