Blanket Chronicles

Smith River Blankets

Usually I know where our chapter’s blankets are made: Humboldt Co.  But, sometimes they come from an unexpected place like Smith River, Ca.!

I received a call from a woman in Smith River who has been a blanketeer for decades.  She used to live in the Bay Area, retired to Smith River and had continued to donate her blankets to the San Jose Chapter.  Given her current distance from San Jose and the pandemic, she looked for a chapter closer to her home and found Project Linus Humboldt.  This blanketeer said she had 19 crocheted blankets and wondered if our chapter would be interested in them.  Of course, I said: ” Yes!”

She was going to be traveling to meet a new, great- grand child and asked to drop them off with me here in Eureka.  We arranged a time to meet.  Not only did our chapter get 19 beautiful blankets, but all of them had labels sewn into them!

As you can see by the photos below, she is quite talented with a crochet hook.  The blankets are soft, made with lovely colors and are composed with a variety of crochet stitches. Note: the other 14 blankets are just as lovely as the these.

I feel like it has been a challenge to find bright spots in the middle of this virus and all the other challenging issues  our country is facing right now. This blanket delivery was definitely a “bright spot”.  I was touched that this blanket maker would reach out and connect with us. I have since added her to our blanket maker e-mail list so she will be kept informed of our chapter’s activities.  And, she can be sure that her wonderful blankets will go out to Humboldt County children when I make my fall blanket deliveries which will be definitely more bright spots!