Blanket Chronicles

Blanket Patience

Starting a new chapter for Humboldt County Project Linus has made me think about patience.  I know that there are agencies who need blankets, but I do not have any to give them at the moment except for what I make.  I know that there are  blanketeers out there, but we have not yet connected.  I am confident that  connections will be made and over time the blankets will come in.  I know that they will be beautiful and reflect the spirit and personality of the blanket maker.

I need to remember to enjoy the journey and think about where I am, not where I want the chapter to be. A local reporter from the Times-Standard, Heather Shelton, wrote a lovely article this week about our new chapter.  From that article, I received a call and an e-mail with offers of fabric donations and potential blanketeers.  One possible blanketeer is a 90 year old woman who crochets!  Besides providing children with blankets, Project Linus has an additional mission to engage the community in this effort.

In my mind, I have an image of this woman making a blanket for a child she won’t meet, but her blanket will provide comfort. They will be connected by her blanket and this possibility helps me be patient.