Meeting Location/Dates:

Chapter meetings will be held on our Blanket Saturdays.  Meeting and blanket sharing: 10:30 am to noon.  Blanket making after that until 4 pm.

Meetings in 2020:

Sat. Feb. 29th

Sat. Mar. 28th

Sat. April 25th

Sat. May 30th

Sat. June 27th

Feel free to bring your lunch or snacks for the day or part of it.  Bunny Hop Quilt Shop has a kitchen with sink, fridge, and microwave.

Meeting Location:

The Bunny Hop Quilt Shop
1809 Albee Street
Eureka, CA.

This business is across from Cal Trans on the corner at Wabash Ave. There is parking in the back as well as street parking.