Blanket Chronicles

More Virtual Blanket Sharing

It is pretty clear that Project Linus Blanketeers in the Humboldt Chapter do not let a pandemic get in the way of their blanket making!  We may not be able to meet, but that has not prevented multiple blanket donations recently.  Again, as you can see, our chapter’s blankets are colorful and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Remember the Find Waldo series?  Well, for those of you who took part in our Orphan Block sewing session or our Dutch Breeze Block making session…can you find those blocks stitched into a few quilts in this “batch” of photos?  One of our Blanketeers not only leads some of our sewing sessions, but offers to take the blocks/quilt tops home. She adds batting, backing, unique quilting stitches and finally adds the binding which creates wonderful quilts.

We also have a Blanketeer who knits soft and lightweight blankets in attractive yarn combinations.  They have a wonderful warmth to them.  I know because when I stitch on the Project Linus label, they sit on my lap and  take the chill right out of the room!  You can see her handiwork in the photos posted.

One Blanketeer who dropped off some blankets commented that she just was not feeling very motivated given all that is going on around us.  When I unwrapped her bundle of quilts, which was tied with a lovely bow,  you could only see “motivation”!  Notice the intricate piecing in the center of one of her quilts. In my Blanket Book, her fabric choices, her stitching detail and the quality construction are the work of a highly motivated Blanketeer!

The blankets pictured below were some of the blankets dropped off in August.  And the blankets pictured toward the bottom were made by a Blanketeer who has a long arm quilting machine. I think of her beautiful blankets when I am doing my simple quilting stitches, feeling frustrated and often uttering a few #%@*’s at my sewing machine! Her fabric is never puckered, as is mine at times, and is always stitched so precisely. She is a quilt artist and our chapter has been fortunate to have her blanket contributions.

I wish we could be meeting so you could see all of these blanket treasures in person.  Whether I receive them at one of our meetings or, more recently, with delivery to my home, I am always touched by the generosity, creativity, and kindness of our Blanketeers.  To date we have made  740 blankets.  There is no way I could have done this without you all!  Thank you!