Blanket Chronicles

Blanket Deliveries

Humboldt Project Linus has been busy!  Seven beautiful, teen sized blankets were delivered to Hospice of Humboldt in May.  Hospice staff leads a Teen Support Group and they welcomed blankets for individuals in the group. Seventeen blankets were delivered to The Forgotten Initiative which works with foster care children. The photo here shows blankets out for delivery! Blanketeers make new blankets for kids because they know they will be used by the children who receive them. As one blanketeer said, “Sometimes kids come into foster care with nothing but the clothes they are wearing at the time.”

When we had our 2nd monthly meeting on June 5th, five more blankets were completed by three blanketeers: four quilts and one fleece blanket.   I am impressed with all of these blankets and I feel fortunate to have such kind and giving people in our Humboldt Co. Project Linus Chapter.