Blanket Chronicles

We Needed Some Good News

Every year our chapter must fund raise a minimum $500.00 to satisfy the requirements of our Project Linus Headquarters.  They provide insurance, manage our fund account, provide chapter guidance and make sure that we, as a non-profit, are in compliance with federal laws.

I am pleased to announce that we received notification today from Humboldt Sponsors that we have been awarded $250.00.  Their mission:  “We make good things happen for local  kids!”  Well, our chapter does that as well so this support will help us make blankets that will feel good to local kids.

I received the check today from Humboldt Sponsors which certainly made a positive difference on this wet, gray and virus lock down day! This was our first request to Humboldt Sponsors and we are honored that they have decided to help us provide Humboldt Co. children in need of a blanket hug!

Our chapter is unable to conduct meetings due to the virus isolation guidelines.  Though frustrating, we know how important it is to stop the spread of this virus.  The social isolation restrictions does not stop our Blanketeers from sewing blankets at home. I spoke with one Blanketeer today who told me;  “I am working on my 8th blanket!”

So, we thank you Humboldt Sponsors for helping us make blankets for local children!