Blanket Chronicles

Project Linus at the Natural Fiber Fair

Project Linus was fortunate to have donated space – our thanks to the fiber fair folks- at the recent Natural Fiber Fair in Arcata. This was a great opportunity for our relatively new chapter to introduce ourselves to a fiber loving public!  We brought some of our beautifully made quilts to show the fair goers the types of blankets our blanketeers make for children in need living in our community.

A few of our blanketeers volunteered to sew and stitch on Project Linus blankets during the fair so people could see a blanket being made.  We met people interested in joining our blanket making efforts and a few people who suggested agencies working with children who may benefit from our blanket donations.

Explaining Project Linus to another person always brings a smile to their face.  I saw a lot of smiling faces especially when the fairgoers were able to see and feel the warm and colorful blankets.  There were many beautiful things at the Natural Fiber Fair and our blankets were one of them!