Blanket Chronicles

New Year, New Blankets

It was raining blankets at our 1st Project Linus meeting of the New Year!  I thought that our dedicated blanketers might take some time off from blanket making during the holidays, but I was mistaken.  At our meeting 26 new, beautiful and expertly made blankets were donated to our chapter.  For me, each blanket was a special gift reflecting the true meaning of the holiday season which is giving to others, especially to those in need.

My sofa was just big enough to accommodate the blankets as you can see here.

There were all types and sizes of blankets: fabric, fleece and crocheted as you can see here.

It took me quite a few hours to label all of them, sort by size and bag them, but I was quite content in doing this as I knew each blanket would find its way into a child’s arms to warm up their body.

Now it is time to line up some January deliveries.