Blanket Chronicles

Humboldt County Now Has Its Own Project Linus Chapter

It’s official!  Humboldt County now has its own Project Linus Chapter.  Patty Gregory, President/CEO, at the Project Linus Headquarters in Belton, Mo. has approved a new chapter on the north coast.

Though I have enjoyed making blankets for the past two years for the Petaluma Chapter, I am happy that the blankets I make, along with the blankets that new blanketeers will make, can be delivered to agencies here in Humboldt Co. who work with ill or traumatized children.

Hoping that this chapter would become a reality, I had already written out a big to-do list: create publicity, find a meeting place, find blanketeers, find organizations who work with kids in need of blankets, fund raise, and keep making blankets.  Time to get started!