Blanket Chronicles

December Blankets 2020

It has been a challenging year for all.  Due to the pandemic, our chapter is still unable to meet and a number of the agencies we donate blankets to remain closed for blanket deliveries. In spite of these challenges, our Blanketeers have continued to make blankets and deliver them to me wearing masks while having brief contact.  I have continued to reach out to agencies and am realizing that there is even a greater need for a warm blanket or 2…make that 34!

This month we donated 34 blankets to children from birth to age 17.  While I am at home following Covid guidelines, many of the children we delivered blankets to this month have no home.  They are living in a car with a parent or in a local shelter. This year we are forced to stay home for the holidays due to this deadly virus.  I know that this is disappointing for many who had hoped to visit family and friends in other areas or have family come here.  It seems ironic that for those us of feeling forced to stay home, there are many people who would gladly trade places.  Having a home this time of year as the weather gets colder and we celebrate the holidays is something that I am grateful for.

A blanket cannot make up for not having a home, but I think it provides some cheer and warm comfort.  It also sends a message that even though we will not meet, our Blanketeers are thinking about children and their parents in challenging circumstances. We hope that each blanket is a reminder that we know you are out there and we will do what we can to make life a bit cozier for you.

Our Humboldt Project Linus Chapter closes this year having made 938 blankets and we have delivered 915 of those since our beginning in May 2018. I think our chapter’s goal of making 1,000 blankets will occur sometime in 2021.  But knowing all of our dedicated Blanketeers, I am sure that they will set a new goal after that.  They do not just give during the holidays, they give all through the year and I am so grateful for their blanket creativity and their kindness.  We are in this together in more ways than one.