Blanket Chronicles

Blankets in the Time of the Virus

What a difference a germ makes!  When this virus (Covid-19) began to show itself in China in December 2019, I did not have my virologist thinking cap on.  I thought: that sounds bad, but I did not connect the viral dots and think this could be bad for us.  It was bad for China and it still is bad for most of the people on this planet now including us.

Our chapter did not meet in March and we still do not know when it will be safe to do so. As we have learned from the germ experts, you do not switch off a pandemic like you do a table lamp. When and how we can gather safely again is yet to be determined. Only the doctors/health care professionals can formulate that plan which needs to be driven by health and safety factors, not economics.

This virus has caused great pain to many and has ended the lives of thousands of people. Observing the stay at home order and going out only for essential items, seems like a small inconvenience compared to the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, police/fire personnel and so many others risking their lives for us on the front line of this battle with an enemy no one can see.

It is hard not to feel helpless.  We know many people are doing what they can to flatten the curve. We can already see that by working together and following social distancing guidelines we can change the numbers in a good way.  I know our chapter will meet again and enjoy the blanket camaraderie we feel when we share what we have made with each other.

My last blanket delivery to a local agency was March 16th.  I figured that would be it for a while.  This week I received an e-mail  from a local social worker who works with prospective mothers in need of blankets for their soon to be born children  We were able to make a blanket delivery with 6 ft. of social distancing!  It was a bright spot on a gray day.  I knew that each of those blankets would soon be wrapped around a child who’d be comforted by a warm, blanket hug! And that felt very good.