Blanket Chronicles

A Mickey Mouse Blanket

The local agencies who contact me for blankets usually specify sizes and how many they need: infant/toddler, youth and teens.  Recently, I was contacted about the need for a very specific blanket: one with Micky Mouse on it! The request was on behalf of a young child who was not talking, but got very excited whenever he saw Mickey Mouse.  The idea was that if a blanket had Mickey on it, maybe it would stimulate “chat” about Mickey and other things.  I did not have a Mickey blanket on hand, but knew it would not be a difficult blanket to stitch up.

I purchased some Mickey fabric, flannel, some colorful fleece and got to work!  In a few sewing sessions, the Mickey blanket was done.  You can see it here.

I will deliver it next week to the agency requesting it. I do not know if it will help this little guy begin to verbalize what he sees. No matter what happens, I know he will have some fun with this blanket and it will provide him with a warm blanket hugs on these chilly spring days.