Blanket Chronicles

A Busy Blanket Month

By the time this month is over, our chapter will have delivered over 50 blankets to children living in our community in need a of a blanket hug. Actually, I have more requests than I do blankets, but it always seems to work out and we are able to get blankets where they need to be.

In fact, it has been a busy blanket year.  Since Jan. 1st, 2021, we have delivered 447 blankets! We have provided blankets to newborns and to teens struggling with loss, illness, and family challenges. We realize that their needs often go beyond delivering a blanket, but the feedback that our chapter receives tells us the a blanket can provide great comfort.

I know I have written this in the past, but I want to acknowledge and thank our Blanketeers for their generous giving (blanket making) all through the year…not just during the holidays!  Without them, we would not be touching the lives of so many children.  Usually, when you give a gift you see the receiver.  In our “work”, we do not see the children on the receiving end of our giving. But we know that the blanket we made does make a difference to the kid who gets it!

This year has continued with the challenges of the pandemic and the related stressors it has created.  The daily news can make one feel a bit hopeless.  But I know that Project Linus Humboldt has brought some warmth and maybe a bit of joy to local kids and that gives me hope. We will continue our blanket work into the New Year and beyond……because the blanket giving makes us happy to do something to help.