Blanket Chronicles

100 Blankets

What does Mint Chocolate Chip have to do with: Purple Passion, Log Cabin Jumble, Mosaic Granny, Strawberry Patch, Blueberry Hills, Flowering Tea Leaves, Posey Patches and Hydrangea Cloud? These descriptive names are patterns in just a few of the 100 blankets Blanketeer Susann has made for our Humboldt Co. PL  Chapter.

Susann and her husband are planning on relocating to southern Oregon. Susann had the goal of crocheting 100 blankets for our chapter before she departs. She has successfully met her goal despite incurring a bad fall which resulted in a broken wrist (repaired with surgery) and a fractured pelvis.  At about the 80th blanket, I told her that her energy should be focused on her relocation activities, but she felt otherwise and recently delivered the 100th blanket!  Our chapter has made 868  blankets since May 2018 and Susann has made about 1/8th of the total!  I should also mention that in addition to making blankets for our chapter, she has been making and donating blankets to the PL chapter near to her new home.

Susann took advantage of various yarn donations, as well as making multiple yarn purchases, to create blanket masterpieces!  She made blankets for all sizes of kids: infants to teens.  Most of our blanket makers create quilts.  It has been wonderful to “sprinkle” in her crocheted blankets, which has offered some variety in our chapter’s blanket inventory, when making blanket deliveries to local agencies in need of blankets.

Many of her blankets are in our photo gallery, but here are a few of her blankets that were in her 100th blanket delivery.

Susann has been an active PL Blanketeer attending most of our meetings (when we were able to meet), including ones when she needed a walker to get in the door following her injury.  If I could, I’d give her a gold plated crochet hook to honor her commitment, contributions and enormous “heart.”  We have been so fortunate to have her with us and I am happy that her talent will continue on as she continues blanket making with another PL Chapter.

We wish Susann and her husband well in their new home and community. Their exact relocation date has been changing given the challenges of the pandemic and recent fires in Oregon. Depending on all of that and the fact that our group does not know when we will be able to meet again, I wanted to take this moment to acknowledge her.  We will hold her kindness and blanket energy in our hearts even though she may be a state away!