About Us

Working in coordination with the Project Linus National Headquarters, the Humboldt County Project Linus Chapter was started by Nancy Corral in March 2018. Nancy had been making Project Linus (PL) blankets for two years and was sending them to the PL Chapter in Petaluma, Ca.

While making these blankets, she felt sure that Humboldt County could support a chapter. She knew that there were creative “blanketeers” in the local area and she knew that there were children here who needed a blanket hug!

Nancy spent the early years of her work life working in early childhood education and adoptions. She spent the last 25 years working with people at the other end of the life cycle at the Humboldt Senior Resource Center.

She has volunteered locally at CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children and at SCRAP-a creative re-use non-profit. Nancy has been a PL volunteer for over three years.

Working in the non-profit world, she gained an appreciation for the important contributions volunteers can make to their community. Nancy remains committed to the volunteer experience and is excited to build a strong Project Linus Chapter in Humboldt County.

Her first task was to find a place for the blanketeers to meet. One of her calls was to Brigitte Fleck, owner of The Bunny Hop Quilt Shop, in Eureka. Brigitte, a former foster parent, knew about Project Linus and supported the idea of a local chapter. When Nancy and Brigitte met, Brigitte generously offered meeting space, a blanket drop off location and possibilities of Make-A-Blanket Day(s) at her shop. Thank you Brigitte!

Nancy is in the early stages of building a blanketeer brigade in Humboldt County. If you are interested in learning more or have any questions contact Nancy through the Contact Us page.